The streaming alternative to existing event cinema equipment 

RosettaLive is a FREE streaming device enabling cinema screens everywhere to show a wider range of content- with no hidden charges. Unlike the usual satellite network used by cinemas worldwide, RosettaLive uses IP streaming to deliver any content to it’s small and convenient playback device on a pay as you go model.

Whether it’s streaming a sports game nation-wide or video conferencing and webinars via Zoom directly into the auditorium, RosettaLive offers total flexibility to cinema theatres everywhere, personalising content for audiences and removing any previous restrictions within the industry. 

And with no installation or hardware fees, the only costs come as an hourly flat fee each time you stream content. Open up cinema screens to a whole new revenue stream with RosettaLive.




Bringing cinema into the streaming age

Helping to solve potential low-capacity issues for cinema screens, RosettaLive is much more than an event streaming service, as it offers a more flexible service that meets the cinema’s demands.

By adding support to the market leading video-first unified communications platform Zoom Video Communications, Inc. to the RosettaLive streaming device, Unique X further enhances revenue opportunities for exhibition. 

Streaming content over a robust IP network, RosettaLive is the only device needed to update cinema content, offering far more than the fixed programming currently available over the network. It’s quick to install without taking up valuable space in a cinema screen and instantly appeals to wider audiences.

RosettaLive enables cinemas the potential to show any content they want; sports games, concerts, and even gaming events-  and with our transparent hourly fee, there’ll be no unexpected costs- just one rate each time you use it.

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Bringing live and pre-recorded events to the big screen gives the public to access many types of events they may not otherwise be able to attend. It breathes life into the cinema experience, replacing the use of limited satellite programming, offering a wider range of services to consumers that they simply can’t re-create at home.

RosettaLive brings sports games, music events, corporate conferences and gaming events to the big screen, and with our transparent hourly fee, there’ll be unexpected costs- just one rate each time you use it.

Cinema screens have the potential to stream all kinds of cultural events to those who can’t make it in real-time, providing more opportunities to appeal to a wider audience. RosettaLive provides a new opportunity for cinema screens to increase footfall and screen capacity at a price you can’t ignore.